Cute Stamp Sets from Yellow Owl Workshop

S101---Owl-Tree-Stamp-Set_grande S104---Seashell-Stamp-Set_grande S204---London-Stamp-Set-1_grande

I’ve always loved stamps and have a couple that I use to jazz up envelopes when I send out our annual christmas card.  These stamp sets from Yellow Owl Workshop are adorable, and I can see any kid (or adult) having a field day with them.


Modern House with a Kid Friendly Twist

Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-5-600x891 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-6-600x405 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-11-600x402 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-12-600x399

How amazing is this house in South Korea?  It has a zig-zag facade, and an amazing multifunctional staircase with… a slide!  That can also be doubled as a movie theatre!  Too cool…

Found via Design-Milk

Flying with Kids

baby in plane

Those of you who read my other blog, Roasted, know that I’ve done more than my fair share of flying with baby.  As I live across the country from my parents, we will continue to fly, no matter how difficult and annoying it is.  I loved these tips from SimplyStylishMom where she bundles up toys with lots of tape and wrapping, and then gives them something new every half hour or so.  Genius!  Works just as well for plane rides too.


ps You are not seeing double – SimplyStylishMom and I have the same theme for our blog 🙂

Print Dresses from Oasis

Oasis Flamingo Oasis Print 1 Oasis Budgie Oasis Bird


Oasis have been coming out with some really great print dresses lately (you may recognize the last one from my About page).  It’s funny, when I lived in London and worked in the city, one of the closest shops was Oasis and I never shopped there much…  Now that I am back in Canada I find myself admiring the clothes.  Unfortunately, I have to get it shipped in from either the US or the UK, where Oasis is based.  Oh well, that’s how it goes, I suppose!

Jewelry I Love: Finchittida Finch

Finchittida Finch

Finchittida Finch


I love a little jewelry to perk up my mood, and these pieces from Finchittida Finch sure do make a statement, yet are affordable ranging from GBP 10 – GBP 60 (approx CDN 15 – 93).  I always thought I had to have a fancy ensemble to pull of statement pieces like these, but the other day I saw a girl wearing a big statement necklace with a simple t-shirt and you know what?  It worked.  You might as well wear it, even if you have nowhere fancy to go!