Ela – Editor’s Pouch

Editors_pouch_apricot_stud_pre_fall_2013_SMALL Editors_pouch_forest_green_stud_pre_fall_2013_SMALL Editors_pouch_vintage_pink_stud_pre_fall_2013_SMALL

I love these little pouches from Ela.  So cute, and the muted colours and studs are delicate but edgy.


My Little Square – Hip Clothes for Kiddos

I was browsing through all my bookmarks trying to find some suitable links to send to a friend, when I stumbled upon My Little Square which has the cutest European clothes for kids.  Very hip without being overly expensive.  Yes, please!  Here are some of my dream picks for my little cutie toddler boy.

Red Shoes

Tennis Velcro Red Pop


Sneakers 3 Velcros Aloé


Grey Numbers T-Shirt


Axel Reversible Raincoat


Denim Fleece Sweater ‘Monsters’

Nanoukiko – Montreal Jewelry from Vintage Finds

I love the bright pops of colour, and unique look of the jewelry from Montreal shop Nanoukiko.  I particularly love the fact that the bracelets are easy wearing and can be dressed up or down. I treated myself with the pink version and until July 8th using the coupon code on her Etsy shop you can get 50% off!  Bonus!

Nanoukiko 3 Nanoukiko 2 Nanoukiko 1



Love at First Sight – Small Gold Rings

The only rings I (currently) wear are my engagement ring, and wedding band.  Both are very very simple and in fact the wedding band is just a band – no stones or anything.  These gorgeous gold rings speak to me in the same way.  Just a hint of gold around the finger, with maybe a small stone or the loop of a band.  Easy, fun, and elegant with just a hint of romance.



Journey Ring by Erica Weiner



Opal Ring by Moonli Designs



Gold Pearl Ring by Artemer Studio Jewelry Design



Knot Ring by June Designs

Jewelry I Love: Finchittida Finch

Finchittida Finch

Finchittida Finch


I love a little jewelry to perk up my mood, and these pieces from Finchittida Finch sure do make a statement, yet are affordable ranging from GBP 10 – GBP 60 (approx CDN 15 – 93).  I always thought I had to have a fancy ensemble to pull of statement pieces like these, but the other day I saw a girl wearing a big statement necklace with a simple t-shirt and you know what?  It worked.  You might as well wear it, even if you have nowhere fancy to go!

Hats inspired by Downton Abbey

Donwton Abbey Hats

The ladies of Downton

Asos Straw Boater


Asos Straw Trilby






Nordstrom 2


I was recently in Anthropologie and tried on a hat that looked very Downton Abbey.  I’m not really surprised… I think that show will probably start inspiring all sorts of trends.  I considered the hat for a moment, but wasn’t sure if I’d get enough use out of it for the price tag.  But, as summer is coming up I think it might be a sensible thing to buy.  But what about until the summer really kicks in?  Perhaps a felted hat?

Would you wear one of these hats?