Print Dresses from Oasis

Oasis Flamingo Oasis Print 1 Oasis Budgie Oasis Bird


Oasis have been coming out with some really great print dresses lately (you may recognize the last one from my About page).  It’s funny, when I lived in London and worked in the city, one of the closest shops was Oasis and I never shopped there much…  Now that I am back in Canada I find myself admiring the clothes.  Unfortunately, I have to get it shipped in from either the US or the UK, where Oasis is based.  Oh well, that’s how it goes, I suppose!


Try the Trend: Cut Out

Oasis Cut Out 2


FC Cut Outvia



I’ve been noticing cut outs for a while.  First, I thought – OMG horrific.  Then I thought, it’s too young for me and then finally – perhaps I could pull this off. Is this the normal anatomy of a trend?  I’m still not sure I’ll buy into it, but there are definitely some more tasteful pieces out there, and I’ve seen it pulled off in a very classy way.