Modern House with a Kid Friendly Twist

Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-5-600x891 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-6-600x405 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-11-600x402 Panorama-House-Moon-Hoon-12-600x399

How amazing is this house in South Korea?  It has a zig-zag facade, and an amazing multifunctional staircase with… a slide!  That can also be doubled as a movie theatre!  Too cool…

Found via Design-Milk


Modern Notebooks – Present & Correct

Present & Correct Present & Correct Present & Correct


I used to work in a cube.  Paper products were whatever the ‘person in charge of supplies’ ordered for us. Now, I work from home and can choose whatever I want for my paper.  I don’t need much for paper supplies, so perhaps a splurge at Present & Correct for these little numbers is in my future.  Yes, I definitely think it would make me more productive!