Hello Heat! Swimsuits from Seafolly

It’s been pretty toasty hot in Montreal lately.  The worst part is the intense humidity – sometimes I feel like I am in a jungle!  The kind of humidity where your legs and scalp start sweating.  Yucks.  My son and I have been keeping cool with lots of water time – kiddie pools, swimming lessons, lakes and backyard pools.  I purchased a few swimsuits at the start of the season for him and I but I’ve been admiring a few suits I’ve seen on my fellow pool goers and often when I ask they are from the Australian brand Seafolly.  They are classic, but well built with adjustable straps.  Unfortunately, they also come with a price… agh…

Here are some of my faves:

TribeNeo Tribe Padded Swimsuit

Art Deco

Deco Empire Bikini


Bounty Playsuit (OK not a swimsuit but perfect for a hot day none the less!)


Ballerina Bikini


Nanoukiko – Montreal Jewelry from Vintage Finds

I love the bright pops of colour, and unique look of the jewelry from Montreal shop Nanoukiko.  I particularly love the fact that the bracelets are easy wearing and can be dressed up or down. I treated myself with the pink version and until July 8th using the coupon code on her Etsy shop you can get 50% off!  Bonus!

Nanoukiko 3 Nanoukiko 2 Nanoukiko 1



Try the Trend: Onesies for Adults

One Piece 1


One Piece 2 One Piece 3

The above three onesies are available from OnePiece

daily mail onesie


Onesie 2


I am more than familiar with the onesie.  You know, it’s that top that snaps together that babies wear.  But, apparently, it’s not just for babies anymore.  My sister, who lives in London, confirmed that it is a full blown trend for adults to wear onesies and even the British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg owns one.  Just to show how mainstream they are, you can pick one up at Marks & Spencer, and John Lewis (ie the British versions of The Bay or Sears).  And, I spotted my first onesie here in Montreal – a guy casually walking down Monkland Avenue in NDG.  To be honest, they do look like the ultimate comfort.  But out of the house?  Not sure… What do you think?  Would you wear it out of the house?  Or at all?  OnePiece calls itself the The Norwegian Original if you are in the market… There is even a Canadian version, and just in time for Canada Day!

Drawn & Quarterly – Quality Books in Mile End, Montreal

Drawn and Quarterly

Drawn & Quarterly is one of those bookstores where when you walk in you immediately pick out about twenty books you just need to have on your shelves.  It’s a well curated and stylish addition to the ever burgeoning Mile End.

Drawn & Quarterly – 211 Bernard West, Montreal, QC