Niko Niko Throw & Grow Confetti



Niko Niko Throw & Grow Confetti is an amazingly fun idea!  Throw a party, throw some confetti, and watch it grow into wildflowers!  The only problem is where to throw it so it won’t get mowed down…


City Prints by Ingela P Arrhenius

Ingela P Arrhenius Ingela P Arrhenius Ingela P Arrhenius Ingela P Arrhenius Ingela P Arrhenius Ingela P Arrhenius

I love these city prints by Ingela P Arrhenius.  They are from Lagom and are super affordable at just GBP 15 (CDN 23) each.  I’ve been lucky enough to visit all of these cities but Moscow, which has always been on my list, but I’ve just never seemed to actually get there (same for St. Petersburg).  I’m partial to the London and Stockholm prints myself – what about you guys?

Modern Notebooks – Present & Correct

Present & Correct Present & Correct Present & Correct


I used to work in a cube.  Paper products were whatever the ‘person in charge of supplies’ ordered for us. Now, I work from home and can choose whatever I want for my paper.  I don’t need much for paper supplies, so perhaps a splurge at Present & Correct for these little numbers is in my future.  Yes, I definitely think it would make me more productive!