Belly Sesame – Graphic Minimalism for Babies

I find that, especially for little boys, shirts and onesies with slogans are the norm: ‘Daddy’s Boy’, ‘I Love My Mom’ etc.  While cute, it’s also a little tiring.  I’ve always been a graphic print type of person, and fell in love with these tops and onesies from Belly Sesame.  They come from husband & wife duo Alex & Kaori Walter who hail from Germany and Japan and now call LA home.  Very minimalist cool…



Hello Heat! Swimsuits from Seafolly

It’s been pretty toasty hot in Montreal lately.  The worst part is the intense humidity – sometimes I feel like I am in a jungle!  The kind of humidity where your legs and scalp start sweating.  Yucks.  My son and I have been keeping cool with lots of water time – kiddie pools, swimming lessons, lakes and backyard pools.  I purchased a few swimsuits at the start of the season for him and I but I’ve been admiring a few suits I’ve seen on my fellow pool goers and often when I ask they are from the Australian brand Seafolly.  They are classic, but well built with adjustable straps.  Unfortunately, they also come with a price… agh…

Here are some of my faves:

TribeNeo Tribe Padded Swimsuit

Art Deco

Deco Empire Bikini


Bounty Playsuit (OK not a swimsuit but perfect for a hot day none the less!)


Ballerina Bikini

My Little Square – Hip Clothes for Kiddos

I was browsing through all my bookmarks trying to find some suitable links to send to a friend, when I stumbled upon My Little Square which has the cutest European clothes for kids.  Very hip without being overly expensive.  Yes, please!  Here are some of my dream picks for my little cutie toddler boy.

Red Shoes

Tennis Velcro Red Pop


Sneakers 3 Velcros Aloé


Grey Numbers T-Shirt


Axel Reversible Raincoat


Denim Fleece Sweater ‘Monsters’

Nanoukiko – Montreal Jewelry from Vintage Finds

I love the bright pops of colour, and unique look of the jewelry from Montreal shop Nanoukiko.  I particularly love the fact that the bracelets are easy wearing and can be dressed up or down. I treated myself with the pink version and until July 8th using the coupon code on her Etsy shop you can get 50% off!  Bonus!

Nanoukiko 3 Nanoukiko 2 Nanoukiko 1



Print Dresses from Oasis

Oasis Flamingo Oasis Print 1 Oasis Budgie Oasis Bird


Oasis have been coming out with some really great print dresses lately (you may recognize the last one from my About page).  It’s funny, when I lived in London and worked in the city, one of the closest shops was Oasis and I never shopped there much…  Now that I am back in Canada I find myself admiring the clothes.  Unfortunately, I have to get it shipped in from either the US or the UK, where Oasis is based.  Oh well, that’s how it goes, I suppose!

Jewelry I Love: Finchittida Finch

Finchittida Finch

Finchittida Finch


I love a little jewelry to perk up my mood, and these pieces from Finchittida Finch sure do make a statement, yet are affordable ranging from GBP 10 – GBP 60 (approx CDN 15 – 93).  I always thought I had to have a fancy ensemble to pull of statement pieces like these, but the other day I saw a girl wearing a big statement necklace with a simple t-shirt and you know what?  It worked.  You might as well wear it, even if you have nowhere fancy to go!

Baby Books by Orla Kiely






When I had my baby, I wanted to keep purchasing the things I loved and not lose my identity in too much of that cutesy baby stuff.  I have always been a fan of Orla Kiely, and was delighted to find her baby books. We have the orange Numbers book, and I read it multiple times everyday.  It’s high quality, and baby so far hasn’t been able to chew it or destroy it.  I love to look at her patterns – I think they are just so simple but beautiful!  I got mine from Raspberry Kids – a Canadian website out of Vancouver.