Hello Heat! Swimsuits from Seafolly

It’s been pretty toasty hot in Montreal lately.  The worst part is the intense humidity – sometimes I feel like I am in a jungle!  The kind of humidity where your legs and scalp start sweating.  Yucks.  My son and I have been keeping cool with lots of water time – kiddie pools, swimming lessons, lakes and backyard pools.  I purchased a few swimsuits at the start of the season for him and I but I’ve been admiring a few suits I’ve seen on my fellow pool goers and often when I ask they are from the Australian brand Seafolly.  They are classic, but well built with adjustable straps.  Unfortunately, they also come with a price… agh…

Here are some of my faves:

TribeNeo Tribe Padded Swimsuit

Art Deco

Deco Empire Bikini


Bounty Playsuit (OK not a swimsuit but perfect for a hot day none the less!)


Ballerina Bikini


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